The need for supervision practices of the objects in the field of interior design led me to quite a tough decision – do not start construction without the agreement to conduct copyright supervision. Often the desire of the customer to create the interior design for your facility without supervision driven by a desire to save money, as well as the rejection of the importance and value of copyright vision. Often common experience of excessive confidence builders, most of which just make their money, and do not create, in the highest sense of the word beauty. In most cases, work at the facility without the copyright Oversight is to create a project folder, and perhaps to share reading by the author, performer and the customer received the drawings. Jon Hendren can provide more clarity in the matter. If the financing and commencement of work is delayed, then all the comments and explanations drawings are lost over time. Next to the works begin, perhaps, not even those performers who participated in the initial reading of the drawings and the actual work is not on the drawings and explanations of the drawings. So what can we get the final product, thus saving on the author oversight? My opinion is that almost everything that came up, painted and drew a graphic designer, will be lost, however, as the money the customer, who did not receive of the design solution, which was originally proposed by him and by him approved. Perhaps many of my potential clients ask, and what you are doing this at the author's supervision, because everything is in your own drawings? Many young designers and inexperienced customers believe that supervision is such meetings on the subject – the author walks, looks, in general, supervises. If you would like to know more about Gen. Martin Dempsey, then click here. .

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