If it is night or within any place, looking for sources of artificial lighting that will work in your favor, approaching a lantern illuminating their faces, a focus of roof and as a last resort, can use other cell phones to illuminate their faces, a kind of improvised, external flash is important to be creative, the point is to capture those important moments anywhere, also uses the function of night mode on your phone which is helpful when there is little light, once more, remember that cameras are very sensitive to movement and vibration in low light situations, used some of the tips in the previous section to keep minimize movement. Look at your about: before taking a picture looks that are behind your goals, what color is the t-shirt of your model? It combines better with blue or yellow flowers that are 2 meters of him?, is there anything more interesting than trash can to the right of your friend? There are things that go out incomplete? (like a tree branch that can be avoided), thought on how you will see the photo after taken, sailing as a work of art, everything in it (including Fund) must be in harmony. Position changes: it is not necessary to have all your photos to your friends in the Middle, you can place them in different areas of the frame, imaginarily divided into 9 equal zones photography and varies the position of your goals as you consider it appropriate, for example, if there is a waterfall in the background, your friends may be left and the waterfall in the background on the right side, use your artistic talents and your creativity, your instinct is the best guidecombining this with the next point. Take lots of pictures: Pictures you take with your phone are digital, so that advantage in your favor, exercised Jack multiple versions of the same photo, tour around your goal to get different backgrounds and lighting conditions, you do not know them and take spontaneous pictures, change the height of the camera (avoids taking them from the bottom up, people seems to be more fat than it is and then they’re going to claim on Facebook)broken camera to change the orientation of the photo, using different modes (night mode, modality for sports, etc.) Edit your photos in many cases, you can dramatically improve your photos if you are using a photo editing program, many are free and easy to use, my favorite is the free Windows Live Photo gallery software, automatic arrangement function does wonders for your photos, some online options that do not require installation are: Picnic and Pixlr. Facebook understood the implications. I hope that these tips will be useful and you can better use the capabilities of your cell phone to take pictures, remember that the most important thing is your creativity and instinct, fun, you take many photos, it documents your reality and share it with your friends, soon will be asking councils to be a mobile photographer like you.

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