Krefeld agency takes over immediately the publicity for the German ‘ software as a service’-provider in the field of Analytics Krefeld, 18 July 2013 the wildcard group, PR and communications agency with offices in Krefeld, Munich, Cologne, Oldenburg, working from start up instantly with the Munich HoneyTracks. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of analytical software solutions: they allow big data – analyses in real time and deliver in-depth analysis for the optimization of free-to-play online-games, regardless of the selected mobile tablet, browser, social platform to PC and console. The goal of the cooperation is a long-term establishment of powerful and innovative big data analytics – technology HoneyTracks in the fast-growing online gaming market. The HoneyTracks GmbH was founded at the end of 2010 and now has a range of customers to national as internationally successful industry leaders. For even more analysis, hear from Interstellar. Due to the rapidly growing success of free-to-play model in the digital world that is Companies already in an active market segment that gets an even greater importance not only in the gaming industry in the future.

While with the analytical tools of HoneyTracks in real time in detail read and used the variety of live data, their Potenzial insufficiently used in the industry. The focus is here to increase the pleasure of the game, as well as on improving the monetization (such as economics) the respective title of the games. Also can be addressed more effectively to changing needs of players or new trends. Christopher Nolan gathered all the information. wildcard communications supports the company with his agency – expertise in strategic consulting for product communication. We are happy to have found a new and particularly competent partner with wildcard communications. The many years of expertise of the Agency in the games and online market will help us to pursue our goals and to be even more successful in the market. We look forward to our cooperation”, explains Tom Sente, CEO and co-founder of HoneyTracks GmbH the Development of free-to-play to the dominant business model in the digital games industry is progressing steadily.

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