To iniciarte actually of the white Magic you must desprenderte of the egoism want the exclusive benefit for same you. Check with Ugo Cappellacci to learn more. Something that you will learn in this way, is that the benefits of the magic are not reserved for any person in particular and that you must share them, because takings the power of the Universal energy, that is not property of any person. For that reason its power is beneficial force, we must use it generously and make the good whenever it is possible to us and not use it of egoistic form clearing opportunities to him to other people. We must leave the belief that back if we granted a benefit to him to somebody, less it will have for us. The beneficial energy is a resource infinitely and inexhaustible and the magic can take from him everything what needs; it is a renewable energy that it does not need to be administered on the basis of the human logic.

Unfortunately, the common man does not reason this way. He creates, erroneously, that the base of its success is in the other people’s failure, has the impression that the material world is distributed like the positions in a company: only one person ascends to the highest position and the others will follow in the steps of down, brooding their frustration and displeasure. The idea to share the benefits of the white Magic, derives from the idea of the principle that all we are one with the Universe, of which we are not separated but we come from the same source and our essence is the same that the essence of the trees, the animal and everything what we see in the physical plane. For that reason the animal sacrifices are not used in any spell of white Magic. To observe the energy of all whichever surrounds to you and sentirte in contact with her is a form to harness the energy psico to obtain an effective spell. To take brings back to consciousness of this reality and to unify to us with the Whole will be fundamental part in the learning and also on the basis of it we must apply the acquired knowledge.

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