The habit at the beginning is light as a spider’s Web, but soon becomes a solid wire. Today the landscape has changed radically, the environment that frames the current Venezuelan scenario becomes every day more complex depending on the political and economic social variables which further accentuate the old weaknesses which have been submitted by years the Venezuelan SMEs in terms of its internal management and markets. Continue to learn more with: Jorge Pepa. Before analyzing the characteristics of the current Venezuelan market and issue suggestions in this regard it is essential to understand what is a market and understand certain omissions which occur in small and medium-sized enterprises. According to Hernandez (2007): Markets are the consumers real and potential of our product. Markets are human creations, thus, perfectible. Accordingly, they can be modified depending on their Interior forces. Markets have rules and it is even possible for a company ahead of some events and being protagonist of them. Now, if we analyze what is the management of markets, is the function that links consumers, customers and the public through the information, which is used to identify and define the opportunities and problems of market; to generate, refine and evaluate marketing measures and to improve the understanding of the process of the same. Current reality: 1.-one of the most relevant features that presented the Venezuelan SMEs is based on ignorance of employers of the reality which can not be apart from what happens in the market: when there is a stage full of opportunities, but also threats, which demand that companies have a management capable of meeting the challenges, and all the changes that are required in order to participate in an increasingly aggressive competitiveness, due to economic measures that the current Government generates, as well, as the crisis is facing, an unproductive business sector product dynamically is unforgivable for survival that entrepreneurs do not know your firm (weaknesses, opportunities, strengths (and threats).

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