Beginning of the xxi century is characterized by the richness and variety of styles in urban architecture: from classical to avant-garde. Today you can find the building most different designs: cylindrical, resembling a medieval castles, palaces and even ships. Construction of unusual, bizarre architecture of buildings requires custom design solutions. Read additional details here: Joint Chiefs of Staff. Deserves special attention windows of such houses. Recently, in around the world become increasingly popular at home, having the form of a cylinder or . The first such projects are already in our country. A lot of residential buildings constructed in the Far East, there are in Moscow, both in the housing segment, premium, and in the public sector.

They do not just impress unusual design, but have a number of obvious advantages. For example, allow better use of space development, optimize the structure of driveways and internal communications. In addition, the housing with "convex" outer wall is never completely dark: on whatever side of the world either went out the window, the sun is always in they will get. Finally, in cylindrical apartment buildings often have more than one output, as well as a common balcony that connects all the rooms, which is very convenient. According to the author's theory of "Architecture of the noosphere" Vitaly Grebneva, unquestionable advantage of round houses is their high strength. Thus, the cylindrical shape allows virtually no use in the construction of valves and at the same time build very tall buildings. For example, British Popularchitecture company was recently proposed by the draft 500-storey skyscraper, New Town Tower height 1.5 km.

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