Radar control: The topic of radar controls is also a perennial favorite at mobile in Germany. Each municipality is what she wants to balance the budget and backing now by the Federal Minister of transport from Germany Flash Erland,”would like to make. He should be there better know his voters that better it. 92.4% of respondents believe that safety cameras is not about safety. It is clear that radar speed checks on the issue only concerned the money of motorists almost every car driver.

Everyone otherwise says it does not know or says the untruth with intent, even if he claims otherwise. 92.4% is the highest and clearest value in the survey, by the way. 85% of respondents think, that to avoid radar controls, which serve only the budget, should be. This is a clear mandate of the policy and the Minister of transport, which ignore that for years. While that differentiate road users very well: over 71% of the respondents are for radar speed checks, when they serve the security. Stuttgart21: Mobil has found in Germany e.V. end of 2010, that there is a majority for the Stuttgart21. What noisy protesters want haven’t to this day has long since become fact: A majority against the project (if it ever) is already tilted.

53% of respondents hold Stuttgart21 for an important transport project. 35% do not believe that. The message to politicians is even clearer. 57% would mean that the policy adheres to the project. Only 29% are not of this opinion. Should this trend also in the coming referendum looming and the project will find the expected majority, so that the Greens and their Prime Minister also accept the vote and implement the project without further tricks hopes mobile in Germany. Rail and low-cost airlines: The final chapter was the public transport, specifically the car and the low cost carriers. Here too, there is a clear positioning of road users and large differences in terms of the satisfaction. 21% of traffic participants often fly with low cost carriers, 76% do not. At least 29% of respondents indicate that they are satisfied with the price and performance ratio of the flyer, 22% are not satisfied. 49% have no opinion. At the track, however, it looks much worse, not to say the picture is disastrous. While 43% of respondents indicating that they more often with the Train are on the way, 55% of respondents are not, but rail customers are very critical in terms of satisfaction: 60% of the respondents are not satisfied with the price-performance ratio, only 17% are satisfied, 24% have no opinion. Low-cost airlines have thus far fewer customers than the train, but much more satisfied customers. To bring it to the point: flying hui, train driving Pooh. Mobile in Germany e.V., the traffic survey will continue every year. Sometimes the questions are asked again, the current transport policy action is partially adjusted. On the one hand, to get a mood on mobility issues, to another, to the politicians ideas and demands of road users in Germany continues to give”, so Dr. Michael HABERLAND, 1st Chairman of Mobil in Germany e.V.. CC: there are German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer more info on

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