It is presumed that after Christmas, Android represents 40% of the market of Tablets. The IDC has presented, that during the third trimester, only 18 million of tablets were commercialized at global level. Apple would have sent 11.1 million units, and would have greater portion a; a 61.5% of the market of tablets, something below the registered thing during the trimester. Samsung is positioned secondly, far from the giant of Cupertino; with a 5.6% of quota of global market. According to IDC, this percentage it has to interpret itself considering the prohibitions of sales in Australia and Germany.

The TouchPad of HP, whose price was reduced to 99 dollars for the most modest model, has supposed a 5% of the total of sales in the market of tablets, with 900,000 sold units. It follows the device to him of Barnes& Nobleman, with a 4.4% of the market, driven by its new Nook. The consulting hope that in the next trimester, the operating system of Google, Android, wins in quota of market. The consultant anticipates that after the Christmas dates, the devices that operate with Android they grow until a 40%. In this pull it will help him, for sure the Kindle Fire de Amazon. With respect to the operating system of Blackberry, iOS is hoped that its quota of market of a 0.7% falls and that the one of Apple, does, it from a 61.5% to a 59%. According to report, at the end of 2011, in the heat of campaign of Christmas, around 63 million tablets will land in the stores worldwide. Pablo.

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