This theory has for base the development of the individual as resulted of a process partner-description emphasizing the paper of the language and the learning in this development, being this considered theory, historical social. knowledge that allows the mental development if of the one in the relation with the others. In this perspective the professor constructs its formation, fortifies and enriches its learning. Therefore it is important to see the person of the professor and to value knowing of its experience. In this direction for Nvoa (1997.p.26). ' ' The exchange of experiences and the allotment to know consolidate spaces of mutual formation, in which each professor is called to play simultaneously, the paper of formador and formando' '. Studies indicate that necessity exists of that the professor is capable to reflect on its practical and to direct it reality according to where he acts, come back to the interests and of the necessities of the pupils.

In this aspect, Freire, (1996, p.43) affirms that: ' ' It is thinking critically the practical one of today or of yesterday it is that it can improve next prtica' '. Of this form it has a necessity of the educator to adjust the content to the cognitivo level and the experience of the children so that the same ones can be understood by any pupil. It stops bigger mobilization of concept of reflection in the formation of professors is necessary to create conditions of work in team between learning. Being thus this it suggests that the school must create space for its growth. Beyond good wages and of adequate formation she is necessary to guarantee a competent pertaining to school management, where it finishes with the isolation of the classroom. In this direction, Shn (1997, p.87) it says in them that: (…) The development of one practical efficient reflexiva has that to integrate the institucional context.

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