The bandeirantes had felt the hospitality and had camped in the place, having intended to renew the provisionses and to continue taming. In the way of them it had, as in all the places, people of violent temperament, who were constantly in shock between itself and with the natives, as much for questions of law as because of the women indians who, say, were pretty very, because not to say truily beautiful The governor emitted a Oh! of admiration he invited and it to continue. _ At the time of the harvest, was very happy but one of the explorers if had gotten passionate for the son of the chieftain, promised to the son of paj and decided to take it force at a moment that it found in the side of the river, but it was discovered by the rival, distrustful, that the steps followed it. They had fought and there although the force and agility of the indian, the bandeirante turned in martial arts of the countries for where he walks as marine and pirate, finished for leaving the young lover with the young man dreams. The young woman counted to the chieftain who left in search of the aggressor. The factions had fought very and the destruction was inevitable. One counts that when giving the last sigh, the chieftain declared that in that place, whenever he had some badness in the heart of any man, the inhabitants would be cursed. The survivors had established a town that received inhabitants born or chegantes. The legend passed of father for son and has three or four generations, the customs had fixed the tradition to homage that pacific people with annual picnics in the place of the tragedy. We do not only know as nor where to incase these facts to the legend, that nor we know to the certainty if she is true, although the registers. Thoughtful, the governor remained itself, meditabundo, leaving the interlocutor intrigued with the eddy of thoughts that crossed that shining mind notadamente.

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