Successful migraine treatment by the right diagnosis basic prerequisite for the successful treatment of migraine is the correct diagnosis. Credit: Joint Chiefs of Staff-2011. Because there are no specific marker such as blood parameters or X-ray findings available for migraine, the attending physician on the cooperation of the patient and its information is dependent on. Therefore, it is very useful to keep a headache diary for the patient. This diary will help first for the exact description of the headache attacks. This is especially important, because just as an assignment to the various forms of headache is possible.

In addition, also frequent triggers of headaches such as hormonal factors, food, or other external causes can be found through the headache diary. It is important that the patient learned an accurate self observation and description of pain to then pass the prewholesaling. Thus the detailed medical conversation – the history – if not is an important, the most important pillar in the Diagnosis of migraine. Then follows a detailed clinical neurological examination. In this study, the doctor can obtain information about damage of the nervous system which then point out on a secondary headache and exclude a migraine. That may be infections of the nervous system, gutartige or malignant tumors of the brain or other diseases. First, a discreet clinical neurological finding favour a primary headache.

Still it is required depending on the history – the one or the other instrumental examination conduct. A blood test can detect inflammatory processes or metabolic diseases that can often lead to headache or migraine. The measurement of heavy metals in the blood, except for special occupational exposure is nonsense. Specific neurological examinations are the – EEG electroencephalogram and imaging studies of the skull of computed tomography (CT) or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The EEG examination records brain waves with surface electrodes on the scalp. In addition, certain provocation maneuvers are performed.

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