One day normal of lesson, but Willian was not felt thus. It stopped a little and it felt an emptiness of itself inside, remembering its special reason not to want to move of city. Wire sat down in the way, took off a notebook and supported it in its legs. It started to write, looking at for the sides and top, thinking about what it would write and that words would use. It pulled out the half of the leaf that it writes and folded it some times, it placed in the pocket and it kept its things in the knapsack. It ran in direction to the gate where the maid already passed the cadeado one, she cried out so that it waited, entered fast stopped, looking at for the woman closing definitively the gate.

The stairs talking, it speaking on the importance not to arrive late, and it had gone up saying that in its new city it would study in a particular school, and that it hated the idea and it was studying half to convince its father to place it in a public school. They had been until the refectory where for some Willian times it caught snack offered for the maids of the kitchen, gave a last one looked in the patio of the school and followed for the corridor until arriving close to its room. The door was opened, it started to walk well to devagar, looking in direction the door of its room, giving an angle to be able to see who was present that day. He asked for license for the teacher, who made a positive signal with the head so that she entered. He followed until its line, that was sings of it right, close to the window. With the head low, he placed its knapsack on of the wallet and sat down, looking at for the side and observing each one of its colleagues.

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