For those who do not like much read, here are my ten tips. Most of them appear elsewhere, in the lessons. But appear here all together. 1 Selection only choose the best images to show to others and let others in the drawer. Teach all the photos that have made dilutes the effect of the best photos and becomes very boring.

You may want to show twenty pictures of the little Johnny in the Park because they are all pretty good and you can not decide which are the best but, trust me, improve taking this decision and showing only good.-go to selection. 2 Rotate the camera at first seems difficult to put the camera’s side, but it is worth getting. If the shape of the object, person, or building, fit in a vertical rectangle, wasted too much space in the picture doing a landscape drawing. You have paid for all those millions of pixels, don’t waste them.-go to clipping. 3 Framed one of the easiest ways to improve your photography is to provide attention to framing. Look at the corners of the display to see what there is. Do you need all that background? You can move closer to the object or use the zoom?-go to clipping. 4.

The direction of illumination photography is about light, the light on the object address is the most important, must look to the object carefully and see how fall shadows. If you can choose the time of day to shoot their photos, try again when the Sun is low, or early in the morning or at dusk. Take pictures of people with the Sun too high, it may mean that in the eyes of the subject give the shadow and/or he entrecerrara eyes with strong light, something that together with the above makes seem horrible. A nice side effect of using the light of dawn or dusk is the color of the light is warm, red and yellow are stronger which gives a nice effect.

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