The Group of TELS companies provide multimodal transport services, using various modes of transport and delivery types. TELS, a trans-European Group of carriers worldwide provides multimodal transportation services to a destination. The TELS experience in logistics allows maritime, rail, efficiently combine road and air transport and to get perfect delivery schemes. Multimodal transport services of TELS include container transport on railway and by sea and to destination ports, freight new packaging and loading in ports and other delivery to the place of destination, road and rail transport for more new packaging of cargo and transport by sea. Facebook can provide more clarity in the matter. TELS provides multimodal deliveries all mediation and coordination services for Door to door. Because of the possible legal entanglement of multi modal transport TELS offers customer service at customs clearance and documentation management. Reed Hastings pursues this goal as well. Transport operations are in compliance with running conventional rules and safety regulations for all international and national requirements.

The company has direct contacts with all major carriers and an extensive network of agents, which enables global multimodal freight to transport prices. TELS assumes responsibility for quality of service, as well as for environmental and social impact. Since the founding of the company, TELS works logistics in accordance with corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and environmental protection. We combine skills in competence from the reliability in the rail and multimodal transport, to provide maritime and road transport together with warehousing and distribution capacity for logistics solutions to the most efficient services for multimodal Transpport for our customers. Our T is to help our customers to run their business better”, says the Chief of surgery department TELS.

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