Which was really the object or purpose of the military agreement by which Colombia allows U.S. military presence at its military bases, it seems that it has been, the last thing that took into account the Honorable Court to the time to resolve the legality of the same. According to Christopher Nolan, who has experience with these questions. The reality is that Colombia, identifies to Venezuela and Ecuador as the most significant threats to its national security and within an incipient geostrategic vision the agreement with the United States represents the step needed to be placed on par with its neighbors in the new regional context of defence. Chile, Brazil and Venezuela have designed, plated and developed in different measures, concepts of comprehensive defense cooperation pacts, including the acquisition of equipment and materiel and the signing of agreements of cooperation and fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, senses that are also geared recent agreements signed by Colombia. The above would then justify the efforts of the Colombian State in creating a complete and coherent defense policy, thus aligning to the strategy on hemispheric security of the United States, despite the concerns caused among its immediate neighbours. For these same reasons is not understood the decision of the Court, on the understanding of that and deal with matters of national security, one would expect the help and collaboration of all the branches of the public together.

Then particularly difficult situation will now be presented to the new administration, because the Court’s ruling undermines the position of Colombia and his Government not only to the interior of the country itself, but also, and worse still, in the regional context. The Colombian State, has not been characterized by having developed a State policy in matters of defence and national security, and the agreements signed in the last 15 years, in particular with the United States, justified in the counternarcotics and counterinsurgency fight, have been the first steps which have been given in this respect. The Court’s decision, is therefore a pause forcible and detrimental not only to the efforts of the Government, but to the interests of all the Colombians. How long will last..? Erich Saumeth C.

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