It has the following attributes: classid, codebase, width and height. Width and height do not need more explanation, since they work as in other labels, defining the size of the object (width for width, height to height) in pixels. ClassId is a unique identifier that tells the HTML object type is. Here, Reed Hastings expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For FLASH, classid is always clsid:D27CDB6E – AE6D – 11cf – 96B8 – 444553540000 & q uot;. Codebase allows that, if the browser doesn’t support the object, you can download it from a specific address. The latest version of FLASH, FLASH MX, has the following codename for download: #version = 6, 0, 29, 0.

If you see any web page with FLASH may notice that in the HTML there are other numbers after version =; It could determine which version of FLASH had been active when that object was published. It is always advisable to check the latest version available, which can be done on the Macromedia website. also has two auxiliary labels: and. In FLASH, these are extremely significant. Let’s see why: serves to indicate the file SWF that will be shown says that quality has this file. Possible values are low ( (quality, load raoida), medium (average) or high (high quality, faster loading time) is optional and allows you to put a FLASH background color allows you to define how the content of the FLASH shall conform to defined width and height dimensions. Possible values are default(que deja en blanco el espacio fuera de las dimensiones deel FLASH), non-border(que amplia el FLASH hasta que una de las dimensiones sea igual a las definidas por width y height) or exactfit (which makes FLASH size sorted by width and height). This parameter is only necessary if the FLASH is putting in a dimension different from the original Tips: does not run FLASH.

It makes the FLASH only run once. It is a compatibility label for those distant times in which NETSCAPE could not stand. Now it could not be used, but several editors pages include it, so we’ll talk about this label also. It has the following parameters: src for the source of the FLASH quality for width and height for measurements quality pluginspage for indicate where to download the support for FLASH if the browser does not. The recommended value is type to indicate the type of content. The value must be application/x-shockwave-flash scale to indicate how sizing FLASH when its original size does not match the defined width and height bgcolor to indicate a background color.

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