It was not only the Land that was inclined, but also the Man tumbled for the left side, and started to find that the things passengers were most important. However earthquake will make an interior it to verticalizar in its Axle Spiritual. Inclined the wind it goes for the south, and it makes its northward turn; volve, and one turns over, in its career, and retakes to its circuits. Book of the Eclesiastes, CAP. 1:6. The Man still crawls itself On two legs and he is not owner of them.

Diverse human beings Feed the deceits, to be Men. However still they are In a transistion phase, Where they have that to opt To the way of Jesus Christ Of who it will inherit the Spirit. He is between the animal and the Man That still consume themselves In the diverse futilidades. Renasce is born and, Until winning the disguise Of a meat body That goes down to the valley For the release Of the very small beings. The Espritos Guides Places it in some families So that the gratitude feeling If joins to the reason and has a heart of Man. He is which king Nabucodonosor Who governed one povaru, But never it crossed the veil Of its irrationality.

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