Nokia and its new sales strategy to continue leading the mobile market day surprises by how you act before their competitors: cell phones Sony Ericsson, cell motorola, samsung etc. now the Finnish company presents a mobile range low, simple but with a touch screen. The company seeks to monopolize the entire market of low-end mobile and media offering good products, and no doubt that with this new model succeed. The model in question is the Nokia 5250 a terminal very interesting for its low cost which will be $140, but the most striking is the attractiveness of this model since it has a touch screen 2.8 inch. In general terms the mobile is a low range without interesting features since there no 3 G nor GPS, etc. (nothing to do for example with Samsung fascinate range that pockets are a little more spacious and quite rightly, because everything that has a mobile of last technology contains). Mobile touchscreen of 2.8 inches with a resolution of 360 640 pixels, is a terminal Includes GSM, 2 megapixel camera, you can choose and create themes for the wallpapers, music player and FM radio, with some telephone services can send free sms and in terms of connectivity features Bluetooth.

Not much more to describe this mobile, but without a doubt Nokia is smart and knows that it points to the low-end and medium the mobile market will have hands. Nokia 5250 is the perfect mobile to have as a second alternative of use, with a very low cost we can have an excellent mobile. Already a couple of years ago that Nokia cannot place a high-end model in the market successfully, the new N8 newly in pre-order attempted to this but I do not think that it can face the giant iOS and Android.

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