With the passing of the days, they are increasingly companies that offer different possibilities for cellular telephones, smart or known popularly as the Smart Phone, teams that are here to stay for many years and is becoming more difficult to choose the best option for our needs. For this reason, from today we will bring a series of articles with which we can analyze the points that this investment can make a little high and would not be fair that the selected equipment has not met all our expectations. Among the topics that we will consider when analyzing computers and dozens of Smart Phone that we find in the market in order to choose the best option, we will touch not only their operating systems such as Android, Symsbian OS, Windows Phone 7, iPhone OS among others, but that we also discuss their sizes, their designs, companies and up to their same shops found in line to acquire different applications. We hope that this series of articles is in its interest and wish to share with family and friends as a good buy, you can take full advantage not only the person who acquired it, but also the people with whom you most share in everyday life and even more so if those people have all the same line of computers with which can reach to get the most juice. Not being more, we leave them with the Guide to buy a Smart Phone or smart phone.

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