But just in case I'll write it again: this is the period when the SEC released and begin to spin a new console, PS2 example left, came PS3. Film-maker is a great source of information. During this period, the game console market is almost dead, why? – Because to make games for older models are not promising, but for their new yet for anyone to do, so the new models still did not have time to buy. What to do at this time the developers? – They start to produce a large number of PC games. Now think about what will develop if PC gaming really dead-? – As the people do not like to say far. You imagine what they will have losses? – I do not. By this period, SEC, this is another reason why the developers of games will not allow the PC game market finally die. Reason 4: The developers of computer "iron." Think why do people buy new computers, why do abgreyd old? – Definitely not for office work. Whatever you say, think with your head.

Tell me what configuration you need a computer for the office, for comfortable viewing films for use and-ntetom, to play music, etc. I'll tell you, just enough for this PC 4.3 a year ago. All powerful people throw at iron with a purpose to – play the game. If tomorrow will not play on PC day after tomorrow will not be half the developers iron. Once again, they want to lose money? – I think not. Here you have another reason to live PC – gaming. To sum up I want to say for game developers benefit from the following situation: PC market – games on the brink of survival, but not dead, at a time when most people believe in the latter. What is it beneficial? – Everything is simple, customers are sure that the PC market is dead and has to buy most of the boxes, in then the time de PC market should be afloat for the fact that it could be reanimated at the right time, why keep your PC "afloat" I wrote above.

As you can see the current situation is exactly as expected strong world computer games. Not far off is the period of SEC, then they need a strong PC – the market will see it rise from the ashes as an immortal phoenix. This has already been and will be again, and as many times as it would be beneficial. It remains for me you wish not to believe everything that you say and think only of his head, and if you say "this is" your first thought should not be "good" or "bad", but – "why is this so?" then everything will be fine and not only in the gaming world but also in world in general. PS: a little help, especially not for believers, the latest in PC vreminem out: Singularity, Prince of Persia 5, Assassin Creed 2, Settlers, 7 Star Craft 2, Mafia 2. It all plays the AAA class, why should they be let out for dying platform? … Epilogue: 'if the stars are lit it means someone you have to'

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