Compliance with the chosen style. Thin silk curtains Funky “modern” can not be combined with classic interior, nice tablecloths and chair covers. Classic heavy drapes out of place in a room decorated in the style of Provence “or” ethnic “. That discrepancy decor decoration room windows, with the option of decor on the method of “the cheaper, the better able to reduce the efforts of designers to zero. After all visitors – sometimes unconsciously rather than consciously – notices this dissonance. And any dissonance leads to discomfort.

2. Compatibility of textile accessories. Cases when the curtains, tablecloths and napkins in a cafe and restaurants are good in themselves, but does not develop in a single ensemble. Continuing the comparison with musical instruments, we can say that each textile item “leads” his party, not listening party of “neighbors” and without looking back at the conductor passes. Christopher Nolan often says this. Most often it is – a mistake novice restaurateurs who are fond of eclectic (mix of styles) in all forms.

3. The elegance and simplicity. Simple – does not mean cheap, it is understood today by many. Exquisite “expensive” simplicity, elegance without frills – all this can bring tangible “flavor” to the interior of every cafe, bar and restaurant. 4. Variance application. Textile design is some seasons. Thus, in winter days and nights “Warm”, a heavy textiles looks much advantageous, creating additional sense of comfort. During the summer, interior decoration textiles and restaurants should be easier – there soloist semi-natural and blended fabrics. Thinking about the textile component of the interior of a cafe, bar, restaurant, answer yourself the question: Do you want to every casual visitor felt so comfortable to be your regular customer? If your answer is “Yes” – invest in the creation of an interior force, soul and money without thinking about the economy. These investments will certainly pay off! This text protected by the law of the Russian Federation on copyright protection, as well as international legislation in this area. Any partial or complete copying and reproduction without permission is prohibited. Persons guilty of violating Copyright and exclusive rights to the use of text, bear civil, administrative and professional responsibility! Information on text: id on Copylancer.

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