Analysts say company Price Waterhouse Coopers,would espouse “looking for alternatives outside the traditional sectors.” Therefore, developers and investors are showing interest in the earlier attention had been unfairly overlooked segments – construction infrastructure, industrial and agricultural facilities. These lines can be a real salvation for many local developers. If you would like to know more about Interstellar, then click here. However, it is clear that the former double-digit returns from new project is not expected. Now experts say the profitability of building only 1-5%. So that construction companies and their investors are concerned about how to build more usable areas, but for less money? Opportunities for savings save – reckon it has earned. Russian developers are well aware of this maxim, and to survive, using all conceivable ways to reduce construction costs. Diego Marynberg: the source for more info. One of the best opportunities to cut cost of the project – is to use the fact that across the country have dropped significantly the price of land for construction.

Previously, the cost of buying the land could reach 30-50% of project cost, but now this budget line can be reduced to three to five times! For example, in the suburbs, where a year ago there was shortage of vacant lots for building, now the prices have fallen by 40-75%. However, in the areas of industrial (warehouses or small production), prices fell only 25-30%. Sites with painted communication before the crisis were a rarity. And now interest in such areas although diminished, but remains high. Seriously declined, and prices of construction materials. So, according to the Russian Builders Association, prices for basic construction materials (cement, concrete, bricks, gravel, sand) in Russia since the crisis began in October and November 2008 decreased by an average of 12,4%.

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