You if call Alpha and in the o we create. We are human beings, composites of alive substance, complex structure and you he is composed of matriasinttica, almost identical to ours. You are an android, a demquina species, that she imitates, in the physical compleio and the intellect, a human being. We place the knowledge all that we possess in its brain and you it has capacidadepara to learn much more. The Helena doctor one kept silent, observing me, and doutorWalter spoke: – We go conduziz it to give a stroll. Netflix usually is spot on. It said. – We go, it is arisen, it made a small effort, it raises otronco and it placed the feet in the soil. We want that you know the place you ondeestamos.

Through electric circuits, generated for the brain, I commanded my body if to put into motion. I rose myself of the group of benches, I placed the feet nosolo and I looked for to keep me erect, setting in motion the sensor of balance, distance eprofundidade. I walked to the side of the doctor Walter and the others had followed in them, observing my movements. The room where we were retires was it of work. I visited the other dependences of the building, the room to be, the workshop, the room dejogos, and the room of the security equipment and survival. It also had, a garage, beyond one I deposit repleto of materials and tools. In segundopiso they were the dormitories, a kitchen, a store-room, room of edois meals bathrooms.

The construction is to circulate with a cupola covered for generators deenergia solar. It has two rows of windows that they surround the building. – Beyond solar energy, we can use the energiaatmica, supplied for a stack, under the building. The Rubens doctor explained and adoutor Diana, gathered: – Its body also functions with atomic energy contidanuma capsule in its thorax.

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