The retinal detachment is an eye condition which is treated as a rule with the Aargon laser. Retinal detachment is an eye disease if is shares of the retina or retinal eye will replace this as retinal detachment. The retinal detachment is an eye disease. In General a distinction between crack-related and train-related retinal detachment. Both forms of retinal detachment have different causes. If cracks are caused by tensile forces of attachment points of the vitreous in the eye, this can cause fluid between the retina and supply layer to penetrate. In the early stages the retinal detachment only in localized places can be observed. By more fluid the retinal detachment can keep expanding and it is to be expected with a complete replacement.

Train-induced retinal detachments occur often as a consequence of a Diabetiserkrankung. Adherent to the retina, previously formed connective tissue membranes shrink together, pull the retina of their underclass. Other causes for a retinal detachment are accumulations of fluid between the retina and the Versorgunsgschicht or the formation of a tumor on the retina. The tumor expands, the danger that the retina is dislodged from its supply layer is composed. Symptoms of retinal detachment and forms of therapy affected of a retinal detachment are confronted with various visual impairments: appearance of flashes complete Visual field restriction occurrence of dense red or black stains is possible also, that patients see any symptoms. Only later, when deeper down, accumulate the disease is noticeable. The treatment of retinal detachment is often done with the so-called Aargon laser.

If the replacement is still fresh and the edges are not washed out, the retina can be around very well with pulses of laser welding”. While the retina around the Loch connects to very good including the layer and they can no longer dissolve away. This treatment is not always crowned with success and sometimes eye surgery must be performed anyway. In rare cases, there is a new hole also elsewhere of the retina, and this must be patched again. High-risk patients such as patients with hereditary preload, diabetes, or severe myopia should have regular check-up, to prevent detachment of the retina. The existence of a retinal detachment is an exclusion criterion for an eye laser surgery.

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