The imatics Software GmbH has conducted a survey in September 2009 ‘ BPMS: help in times of crisis?’ carried out respond to find out how the company on the economic bottlenecks. The economic crisis has hit hard the German Mittelstand to the part. Many companies were forced to adjust their business strategies to come with fewer orders for the rounds this year. “The imatics Software GmbH has a survey of BPMS in September 2009: help in times of crisis?” carried out, respond to find out how the company on the economic bottlenecks. 78% of the companies surveyed have felt the direct impact of the economic crisis.

Although many the situation really has improved, most look very positively in the future. 37% have used the crisis time to optimize their processes and to position better in the competition. Over 50% of the companies surveyed have planned projects of various kinds, and are willing to invest in process optimisation in these difficult times. It is always back to sought new ways to use resources more effectively and to reduce such costs. Topics such as SaS and a combination of professional and technical levels in the business process development clearly gaining importance.

Increasing the importance of hired or outsourced services. 63% of the companies surveyed are convinced that outsourcing with SaS positively affects the cost structure. The economic crisis is far from over and many companies report that is still no relief in sight. What kind of things dealing with companies in particular in the process environment? Refer to these questions in the public survey analysis:… . The imatics Software GmbH is their customers with developments and solutions to the support and integration of business processes and content to the page. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Google Inc.. The company has developed a sovereign space on the market with a “pure-bred” BPMS solution of imatics * ProcessSuite of. This is a consistently pragmatic and easy operation Solution in a unique way out.. a creative, dynamic and reliable team always ensures a very high customer satisfaction. The continuous transfer of knowledge with universities serves the innovation process. True to innovative ideas and research results are implemented the motto… moving ideas in pragmatic solutions. Many years of experience in the areas of business process management, content management, and the development of individual software, as well as the establishment of efficient support structures have to grow the imatics team to a competent partner for its customers. Contact: imatics Software GmbH of Glienicke Street 1e 14612 Falcon Lake

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