The origin of the myth in the fact that, you can hit an opponent without touching a finger, many adherents of different types of martial arts have always believed. Grounds that the plethora of domestic oriental style, and magical rites. Even Fidel Castro attributed the ability to control the man and hit him with the help of magical passes an African tribe of voodoo. In Russia, the surge of interest in non-contact fighting occurred after the show on the channel REN-TV program "Military Secret" frames from the documentary film "Special Forces". Two men named Kochergin and Lavrov, uniformed razvedpodrazdeleny more Soviet-style scattered conventional adversaries without the slightest touch. That was enough for the birth of versions that Soviet-era fighters secret military units studied are studying non-contact fight. Later, there were witnesses, almost with my own eyes observed a similar function founder of the Russian style Alexei Kadochnikov.

So the myth of the non-contact fight acquired Russian accent. Theory The theoretical basis of the myth of non-contact fighting is the western and Eastern options. West relies on the fact that a person can be influenced by the concentration of remote mental and physical energy, that there are different voids and distortions in space torsion fields, waves of microwave frequencies and the like, weird science stuff yet. In favor of western theory provides hypnosis and other psycho. Explain what they explain, that's just to show no can, and most importantly, to show the methods of teaching such things. After all, a scientific approach lies in the fact that any experiment based on proven laws can be repeated.

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