This program is extremely easy (and fun) to use.  It lets the user process images; convert file formats, and capture screens. It has basically become the graphic program for the newbie – or wannabe – graphic artist.  No need to take a course in graphics – just follow the easy step-by-step guidelines, and, before you know it, you’ll be developing abilities and skills you never thought possible, at least, not at such a fast pace.


In addition, it has a very clean, crisp and aesthetically-pleasing user interface, preview windows, and an unlimited amount of undo and redo options so that you can take your time with your new creations. Download its associated directory of over 100 different  effects and filters, including fish-eye, emboss, and swirl. One can alter how each effect looks very easily through the program’s handy sliders and a preview window.


The program does have some downsides; it cannot be used for everything.  After all, learning graphics – true graphics – is a real skill which, at the end of the day, does need to be learned.  But for a newbie in the field, it definitely makes one look impressive by all that it can create.

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