Journalists curtailed by the prevailing plutocracy. By. If you have read about Joint Chiefs of Staff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Editson Romero angle journalist and educator the Government of Alvaro Uribe Veles and the dirty plutocratic clique that accompanies you through the management and prosecution of those who wanted to report what occurred on the day of parliamentary elections in Colombia, prepared with anteroom veil which recubriria maneuvers to overlap a created victory from of scrutinized according to the interests of the ruling plutocracy. The fearful regime temporarily headed by alvaro Uribe, feared both the ballot box performance it again in the referendum; full of fear by the safe defeat of Juan Manuel Santos contrived campaign, promoted from the Palacio de Narino. Regime prepare the curtain of lies and assure you that with the vise to the press. On March 3, 2010 the regime issued Decree 671, to regulate the electoral process. The Decree, set standards for the preservation of public order during the period elections to the Congress of the Republic. The second paragraph of the article 7 asserted that once closed the vote cited only media may provide information about the suffrage results derived from electoral authorities this coarto the possibility that journalists could report using other sources, such as; International, national observers or electoral witnesses.

Add, violation of the article 73 of the Constitution politics in Colombia, because the article 9 of the Decree stated in law enforcement media will transmit the election day only information confirmed by official sources forcing, that all information that is intended to distribute or broadcast to the public in general, should be formalized by the regime. De facto forbidding divergent opinion and forcing an authority discovered in illicit may not be denounced before the public opinion. That He allowed that when arose all the obvious shortcomings of the electoral raposazo communicators and journalists not could tell if not until it was too late. Decree 671 in its article 10 usa the more grotesque style of fascism, imposed that telecommunication services should give priority to the messages issued by the electoral authorities, curtailing the freedom that the journalist has to determine the information that is considered necessary at a given moment. Now after this, opinion makers come to us. To place Juan Manuel Santos in the first place, which goes to show that even the fourth estate this hands of the plutocracy.

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