Birth of the concept of Space Solar the U.S. In 1968 Peter Glaser introduced the concept of a large satellite system solar energy receptors in geosynchronous orbit (36,000 km located in Ecuador) for the acquisition and conversion of energy from the sun and its onward transmission to large receiving antennas located on earth to meet energy consumption. Thus was born the concept of space solar power. In the 1970s, after the first oil crisis, the Department of Energy of the United States and NASA (space agency of that country) started the study the concept of solar energy in space. In 1979, proposed a fleet of satellites in geostationary orbit, each of which measured 5 x 10 km and produce between 5 and 10 GW. The construction involved creating a large factory space where hundreds of astronauts will work continuously.This giant was typical of an era in which projected the creation of great space cities. Technical difficulties aside, the proposal was rejected in 1981 by crazy lead to high costs. A mid-80s, with oil prices down again in the full program for space solar power was cut. the late 1980s Japan began research on space solar power.

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