“CRM trends, best practices and the Karlsruhe ec4u CRM consultancy expert consulting ag will be presenting strategies for 2014 this year together with its partners DemandGen AG and legodo ag at the CRM-expo, under the theme where IT works” for the first time together with the IT business and the DMS Expo in Stuttgart will take place. This year visitors can find out automation and customer communication management on two days in detail about strategies, concepts, products and trends around the topics of customer relationship and customer experience, lead management and marketing. Gen. Martin Dempsey may help you with your research. “” In addition to the experts of the three companies, which are available at the community booth in Hall 3 / No. 3F78 answer, there will be a total four presentations on the initiative of the partner: an experience report demand Generation@SwissPost “, Sandro Principe (members of the Swiss Post solutions Executive Board), Tuesday, 24.9.2013 / 10-10:45 h / Trade Forum 3.3 form and document tuning: data sourcing strategies in comparison” with document and form creation “” “Import data from CRM, ERP or BPM systems, Abdelmalik El Guesaoui (Product Manager, legodo ag), Wednesday, 25.9.2013 / 11-11:45 h / Hall 5 stand E71 service cockpits are part of the 360 view of the customer service management in the change of customer experience management”, Dr. Peer Steehling (partner professional services, ec4u), Wednesday, 25.9.2013 / 10-10:45 h / Trade Forum 3.4 lead management in the field of tension between marketing and sales “, Reinhard Janning (CEO, DemandGen), Thursday, 26.9.2013 / 14:30 15:15 Uhr / CRM directly offers tailor-made sophisticated can also be simple.”, Manuel Fink Manager product line cloud business (legodo ag), Thursday, 26.9.2013 / 10-10:45 h / Trade Forum 3.4 interested this year show the holistic picture of customer needs through the harmony of three disciplines can: with the combination of a marketing leads through the entire sales process, from the first visit to the site will be Automation Platform, and CRM system up to the Conclusion, consistently maintained”, as Reinhard Janning, CEO DemandGen AG. The acquisition of new customers is a critical process. Marketing is measurable and documented the contribution of marketing to the success of the company.” That new customers can be improved by a cropped and nevertheless inexpensive communication, Marc Koch know to report the legodo Board: the processing and the management of offers are essential components and success factors in the sales process and many companies even the focal point (and often also on the neck of the bottle).

We want to represent the entire process as also offer management offer CRM-Expo and in particular on the new topics such as cloud and integration.” Trend themes and common views of innovation, taking into account synergies are valuable for the partnership of the three companies. We are especially pleased this year with our partners to provide a wide and comprehensive range of information. We are especially excited “the Exchange with our customers and prospects on the trend topics such as mobile, xRM or to share on the cloud best practices and developments to look”, as David D. Laux, CEO of ec4u. The ec4u is the so-called CRM-barometer this year”they publish comparative study determined the requirements for next-generation CRM systems since 2008 and will be released on September 24 2013 visitors and press representatives can free at the stand get off this study or request at. “Press representatives with an interest in the topic of integrated lead management can learn like to advance: bridging the gap between sales and marketing lead management” on

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