Most of WebMaster know of the existence of something that is called PageRank, but in reality, not everyone knows what it is or how it works. In this Post you facilitate an overview of this interesting technology so you can take your profit, since it is an essential tool for Marketing OnLine. On the Internet there are other applications, e.g. Alexa, but I will focus on Google, since it is perhaps the most Popular. As defined Lawrence Edward, better known as Larry Page (co-founder of Google), the development of the entire infrastructure of servers and Google’s PageRank technology arose from the interest in developing (something not easy) the perfect search engine, i.e.

which understands exactly what the user wants to say and gives you exactly what you are looking. Without going into technical aspects or marshy lands, the integrated Software in the Google search technology performs a series of simultaneous calculations in a fraction of a second. Here It is where comes in the PageRank technology, since Google uses it to examine the structure of links of the World Wide Web and determine which Web pages are the most important. By conducting an analysis of concordance of hypertexts, sets which Web pages are the most relevant (relevance) for the search is processed. The Tecnologiapagerank performs a measurement of the importance that have Web pages (solves an equation that contains more than 500 million Variables and 2 billion terms) and interprets the links of fate as if it were a vote (are also considered the links of origin).

Through the use of what is known as collective intelligence of the World Wide Web, is determined the importance of a Web page; In short, the greater the importance, higher PageRank, therefore, is also the SEO, organic positioning or Natural positioning (improve the positioning of search). The content of each Web page is tested, but not only the text, are also taken into account the fonts, subdivisions, location of the words (Keywords) and even the content of neighboring Web pages. That is what is known as concordance analysis of hypertexts and serves to ensure that search results are the most relevant to the user query. Google’s PageRank scores with a range between 0-10 and allows to know the impression that Google has with regard to a Web site, Blog that does not mean that the information displayed is suitable (is correct in the eyes of Google), simply it’s a reference. As professional of the Sector OnLine I advise anyone obsessed by their PageRank and work content, so that little by little he acquire notoriety or some objective relevance. The secret is to achieve relevance by content, not links.

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