After all to earn money with Adsense Google ads necessary that someone click on them, why is important to learn as optimize the ads and thus get quality clicks, this has your joke, but with a little effort it will be easy to understand some basic concepts that will help you to achieve your purpose, many, happy and high-paying clicks. You will not be occur give clicks in their own ads.Click yourself in their ads or invite someone has do it premeditated way is not a recommended strategy, by clicking these are not valid according to the policies of the program this is not allowed, Google is very emphatic and strict in this respect, they handle a control system that verifies the clicking and based on algorithms, and other very complex things can determine when the clicks are valid or not, and the penalties for this or for any violation of its policies can be serious, even to the expulsion of his web site, not worth risking to lose a potential source of income with the possibility of reaching to be very interesting for almost nothing.

The recommendations of the experts. Details can be found by clicking Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr or emailing the administrator. Google provides guidance and assistance in Spanish through her official blog and in their forums and as a personal recommendation I would suggest watching some videos showing there, by the way nice and very descriptive but brief, the URL is: ideoen they will find important references in terms of a favorable location, the correct type and size, as well as colors and the proper configuration for a good integration in your page. How many and the types of ads placed. Remember that you can place three blocks of standard ads on every web page, a maximum of three blocks of links and two search boxes, as well as a video of Adsense block however, please note that if you place the maximum number of ads allowed in a page, it can look like an ornate and scare away visitors before that invite you to stay and that during your stay to be interested in an adIt is recommended to be careful and choose only those that they can be functional according to the characteristics of your site..

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