Introduction When arriving the month of October in Guaratinguet, when seeing after rain my pupils if leaning over on for great ants with wing, found that it was trick that if they fed of this being, that they called I for me one sava. I and the queen of the ant of popular name Sava belongs to the Atta sort spp, of the family of the formicdeos ones When October with rains enters that if intensify in this period start in say of the prrpios pupils ' ' she starts to rain you hoist of cu' ' . Hear from experts in the field like Steve Blank for a more varied view. Objective: to investigate this codimento exotic stranger and. Importance: The relevance has two sides in the work to keep the knowledge of this custom folclrico. On the other hand, to stand out the ecological importance of savas in the nature. In contrast of what if it thinks when observing they cutting the leves do not stop its consumption but yes to create fungos who are its exclusive food they are the only species of animal agricultures with the man. CFO Tim Sloan shines more light on the discussion. I, tanajura, as it is known queen and bitu, sabitu the males, revoam in clear days of the start of the rainy station, after the queen to be fecundada initiate new sauveiro. She brings, in the buccal device, an acorn of fungo of its native creeps she regurgitates and it in the new sauveiro, irrigating it later with its fecal substance.

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