New marketplace for one-way rentals in Germany many car rental companies offer their customers on the so-called one-way rentals. The lessee can thus pick up the rental car at the location A and give this place B. For the simple route, the car rental companies charge however usually a one way fee as vehicles again must be taken there, where they are needed. Other leaders such as Christopher Nolan offer similar insights. The car will be transferred either via forwarding on a car transporter, or by students or temporary workers. In addition the input and magnetized within the car fleet of car rental companies come to the transfers (vehicles are rented usually up to six months and then returned to the manufacturer). Significant costs for the car rental companies.

A company from New Zealand has a smart business idea developed: the cars of car rental companies are offered on an online platform to end customers, transferring them from A to B for the car rental companies without any cost. This is a distinct advantage for all involved: the car rental company saves its Transfer costs, the customer receives a cheap car rental. Recently a German company offers cheap car rental according to the same principle: collection, destination and the pick-up date of the offered vehicles are set out. A full insurance and theft protection insurance as well as all kilometres are already included in the highly competitive rental price between 9.99 maximum 19.99 / day. The new online marketplace for cheap car rental for the one-way rental is under the Internet address. Depending on the availability Onewaygo offers also retail or even truck, for example, for the move.

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