Create articles to generate prospects for your MLM is the way more quick to contact people interested in your business.This technique works and in short time you will have prospects buscandote. And the best part is that it’s free and you can be one of the ways more effective to advertise yourself. The first thing you should do is create you a website or a blog so that your prospects to contact you, do not forget to put your contact details and a space so that it can sign so that they can receive your items simply giving you your mail.Publishes content that would be useful for them and tell them how they can earn money with you to the lead generation tarves and earning residual igresos. . It’s write at least 3 articles a day, this is little work compared with what you will give to win, in addition to doing this you win too much Exposition. See that what is you would like to write and trta solve problems for people who are new in the multilevel.

Help them to generate income and people will automatically start to perceive you as an expert. Make sure that what you write is useful! Understands, learns and uses about keywords so that search engines (Google) you in a better position and you move closer to the first page of search. The more you are seen, more visits you will have, while more visit you, more money for you. The articles that you write, must be of the same subject that interests people who you are looking for. Writes enter articles 300 and 500 words and less than 700 and 1500, this will make for easy reading and the people who read it not is aburrira, also have your short paragraphs.

If you do this your prospects will read the article from beginning to end. The articles that you write, send to other sites every time you finish one. Make sure that the site where post you permit to leave the link to your page, thus, generate more visits, your traffic will be ongoing and will continue in the first pages of Google for a long time. Don’t forget to write a bit of your story, who you are, to you dedicate yourself, that you do, by that came to this business, where you live here it is written more than anything, personal information, so that your prospects will feel identified Contigo. Do not delete your previous articles that are interesting and useful, while more your prospects to read them more they liked them and they will join to your MLM team. Well-written articles also tend to be shared, which is excellent, as you begin to generate advertising from mouth in mouth. As you can see, using articles on Network Marketing to get prospects is a very effective strategy, that can give you many prospects. Writes, publishes and ligalos to other pages, and see an increased quite conciderable greetings!

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