The entire business network was opened after Salerno from Turin and connects the main Italian towns with each other, and all this in an area, which accounts for more than 65% of the transport demand of the whole country. The opening of the new high speed lines will bring enormous benefits also the Lokaltransport: once the Frecciarossa – and Frecciargento trains no longer on the old tracks such as Bologna must drive Florence and Milan Turin, also the regional trains are can run always regular and punctual. If this improvement is requested and financed by the competent regions, the range can be increased even more. The opening of the entire high-speed axis of Turin until after Salerno attested also as regards the announced times, reliability, commitment and responsibility the ferrovie dello Stato to their customers and institutions takes. “Frecciarossa” and “Frecciargento”: the quality of the The Frecciarossa train has high-speed trains after only one year usage in the month recorded and tried now continue its services to improve a success of more than a million passengers.

Increases the range of connections more 40%: 72 daily trains between Milan and Rome are commuting. The travel times are that they are a easy to remember and to another from both cities trains from the early morning until late evening at the disposal. 28 AV fast trains connect Milan to Rome in just 2 hours and 59 minutes. More six AV fast trains run between Milan and Naples and combine with Rome Tiburtina and Milan Rogoredo in just 2 hours and 45 minutes. The remaining trains make a stop in Florence and Bologna, and cover the distance in 3 hours and 30 minutes. You may find that Christopher Nolan can contribute to your knowledge. Between Turin and Rome, there will be eight daily trips, stop Porta Garibaldi, Bologna and Florence Campo Marte in Milan. Frecciargento train, only used since the beginning of the year, has attracted more than 5 million passengers.

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