The spiritual practice more widespread in the West is prayer and is said to be talking to God, meditation is when God talks to you. One of the practices of Kundalini Yoga more effective to end the stress is meditation is to clear your mind, is to be aware, is freedom from suffering, karmic wheel is also free from the duality of the division that often between myself and my exterior. Know more about this effective technique here. HOW DOES IT WORK? Our mind releases thousands of thoughts through the subconscious, passed through the conscious, then triggers the emotion and the emotion triggers the reaction, this is the process PATANJALI (One of the first yogis) describes about how the mind works. THE THREE MINDS: Kundalini Yoga For human beings have three kinds of minds that are: Positive Mind, Mind and Mind Negative Neutral, these three minds are part of the selection process that liberates the subconscious thoughts. Negative Mind: The mind has an important role for humans is the survival mechanism of self-protection, prevention.

Its function is thought that when this happens is mind that has all the potential difficulties posed this thought to the reality of that person, and this is very necessary. When the thought arises and before it is manifested in action, we need the ability to discriminate and see what is going to be the result of the action that triggered this thought before implementing it. Positive Mind: The Mind does the opposite. It raises opportunities, see the results, looks to the future, projects, and that is necessary, because it did not have the capacity to make mental projection, we would be in the same place, so that a positive mind gives us the ability to plan, imagine, visualize, we launch into that goal.

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