the Infolinks website, click Join, to register a new user from infolinks account. Register us, and eye, indicate that page has more than 100,000 hits, because if not, they will not admit the record. 2. Once we register a javascript code that we have to stick on our web page will appear. 3. In a few days will come out ads on the web. Infolinks makes payments by PayPal and bank transfer (but charge Commission for this media).

Pay of 45 later to have reached the minimum ($100). Hotwords: It is a system very similar to the Infolinks, in this case the web site allows you to sign up and then they checked if they are interested or not that you can have ads in them. They check the positioning of your website, and seniority and decide if you interested or not. The benefits are generated by clicks (CPC) or visualizations (CPV).The benefit is 50% of the revenue generated on your site via clicks, visualizations and commissions accounted for.Payments are made via bank transfer, deposit on current account or paypal.Payments will be made on the 5th day of the month following the date of issuance of the invoice, always concerning the accumulated in the previous month.The minimum value for payment is 50. The invoice amount must always be higher than 50. Imagespacemedia: Is an advertising system, different from adsense by full. Select images from our website to display ads on them in a dynamic and attractive when the user puts the cursor over these selected images. Implementation is easy: register.

Assign a user’s access to your account within 24 hours. Enter and customize ad display options and they provide the code to paste into the page. It pays to 60 or 90 days, at a minimum of $ 25. ADPV: Is an interactive advertising Marketplace. An online tool that facilitates the work of advertisers, agencies and publishers and maximizes the profitability of campaigns and advertising spaces.The payments may be provided that a minimum has been generated to enter EUR 50, if done through PayPal and 100 euros, if done through bank transfer.

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