Canada only has this folder, nor U.S.A. possui' '. (Carrara, Russo and Faro, 2009, p.662). How much to the methodology of construction of the PNAISH, (Brazil 2009, p.8) it clarifies: Beyond the consideration of determinative the social ones of the health, one strategically opted to the identification of the main diseases and agravos to the health of the man, searching to delineate ways that they stimulate the search for the services of primary attention, before the agravos require specialized attention. So that this document of base was really effective became necessary to carry through a situacional diagnosis of the thematic one and thus some important points can be observed, such as: The objective diagnosis the knowledge of the reality allowing the managemental taking of rational decisions, as well as foreseeing the result of the decisions and contributing for the probable future modifications. It concentrates itself in determinative sociocultural, biological and the mannering ones, examining the necessities of action of promotion, prevention, treatment and recovery. The diagnosis also includes the analysis of the groups of the masculine population whose characteristics and peculiarities demand specific actions of health. E, identifies the main causes of morbimortalidade. (Brazil, 2009, p.10). The described demographic pointers in the manual of the National Politics of Integral Attention the Health of the Man, they supply given of the Brazilian population in the year of 2005 where it informs that the masculine population is equivalent 49.2% (90.671.019), of this total approximately 40% meet in the etria band of zero the 19 years, 50% in the etria band of 20 59 years and 7.7% with 60 years and more, we perceive that of the total of Brazilian men the half of these if finds in the adult age being more displayed the morbidade situations among which the document of the ministry detaches the violence, alcoholism and tobaccoism, private population of freedom, person with deficiency, adolescence, oldness and of the sexual rights and reproductive.

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