Thus, the strong participation of the population of provinces of the south in the constitutional countersignature of 01 of last July were one strong message sent for saraui to the international community, to leave its total support well clearly the adhesion to the different workmanships engaged in the Kingdom and its commitments for the respect to the territorial unit of Morocco. Space rabes and the Mediterranean. permanent commitment in favor of the unit and of the development In its space Magrebino and the Mediterranean, Morocco has reiterated, many times, its commitment to continue its serious and credvel action to promote the construction of the Magrebe, insisting on its strong commitment for the respect of the social values and the human rights that respect the territorial integrity of the ones of the nations and the good neighborhood. In this mat of the developments more recent than it knows the region Arab and that it intercedes the movement of ' ' rabes&#039 spring; ' , Morocco were remained faithful to its commitment, determined if to compromise to the Arab unit and the reunificao of the rows against the challenge of the development in a context world-wide, marked for economic crises. Thus, the initiatives human beings of the king in favor of the refugee of different nationalities located in the fornteiras Lybian-tunisinas, well had been received by the international community because they aim at to alliviate the suffering on the people. Morocco are on also in the scope of its relations with the Arab countries, to develop sectoriais strategies in different areas, given its central paper of the national development and the Arab integration. The invitation of Morocco to integrate the Advice of Cooperation of the Gulf (GCC) proves its important paper in the Arab region and its place of prominence as geographic position, on the other hand, and diplomatical choices, on the other hand.

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