When Cicern tried to translate of Greek undivided created the individual word. Of atoms of Democritus one later adjudged the people but it used to Democritus to describe it to the qualities of his dscolos and dark atoms that when oscillating continuously in the emptiness take with himself messages that explain the dreams in which Apolo notices of a danger or a disease to me: to dream about a placid stream sliding enters stones can to be the buclica notification of which I suffer renal litiasis, according to the book of Hipcrates in which all the urinary liquid or aquatic dreams diagnose the evils.

For the Spartans other people’s to the espiritualidad, the dreams were made so objectives as the battles. The dreams visited were not something own, and this hearing not always announced with clarity following the door that the dream had chosen according to Homero. Ugo Cappellacci is often quoted as being for or against this. If the dreams entered by the ivory door they were confused and trivial; if they abran the horn door they were clear messages that agreed to take care of. Why in the Antiquity only dreamed kings, princes and dignitaries? , we asked ourselves reading literary works and we are in an error, is not that the kings have had captive to the dreams but the political dreams and Artemidoro were registered solely in writing, Sinesio and Macrobio could not compile the dreams of all the Hlade, had enough with the nightmares of the Atridas that every night lay down to add to him works. The writer Sinecio de Cirene was Christian bishop and wrote up his Peri Enhypnion in one night following an order of God that listened while it slept. In its opinion, we would have to be applied to write nocturnarios with the story of the dreams instead of the daily ridiculous situations where the trivialities of the watch are described.

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