Our financial position may change during life, marital status, too, may change their place of residence may change, etc., but dharma – is the thing that will remain with us until the end of life. Therefore, dharma can rely on. It is a constant thing in our rapidly changing world. Why do many people do not know what to strive for in this life and what is their true calling? I believe that just because they really did not ask this question. If you ask yourself this question, the answer it can be found quite easily. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Reed Hastings. You know very well what your unique talents.

No one knows you so well as yourself. You know better than anyone that you have a child most attracted to what people you are attracted than you admired, and what you were, are and will be the best. Even if you have someone say that it is not, and you believe it, still you know very well that you – is you. By the way, and what you have always envied your friends, classmates, colleagues at work? You perfectly know it! And in your life, for sure, there are things you do simply because you are good at it and you get a buzz from it, you forget about time and about everything. Who would that did not say, you still continue to do so because you like to do it, enjoy the process, please improve it. You can not get money for it, and you'll by and large do not care who that this thinks.

But as a rule, while others admire it, and you hesitate and think, what's wrong with that grand, it's so natural! It is natural for you! It is possible that while you consider it my duty to do something else – so what exactly is appreciated by your parents, the environment, so why trudge from your peers or those engaged than it is in your age and your position every "normal person". Even if you devote 8 hours 5 days a week hated the work, you still have something that you are doing there best of all, there is a problem, you decide the best, even if they are not directly related to your work. Ask your colleagues what they appreciate you? I am sure that the answers you please you! Because your community does not appreciate you for what you do through force, gritting his teeth, and for what you do with enthusiasm, humor and gusto. Maybe they just love you for what you interested to chat to some particular topic over a cup of coffee, or for what you are creating a special atmosphere in the team, or even for what you manage to do nothing at work and at the same time with unshakable confidence in his indispensability of each month go to the director and to demand higher wages)). Perhaps it is your quality of someone very much admired and inspiring! Look for their unique talents, skills and vision! If you are going to develop and demonstrate this add your charisma and confidence. And you are sure to attract into your life the right circumstances, the right people and useful knowledge that will help you do more of what you like, while creating value for others! And at some point you realize that you, in addition, more and not have to do anything that you are willing to pay money for it, gratitude and love!

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