JULIETA (if approaching): – What it is? KTIA: – I have a stop pra you. In one you I spoke of the Carlota that works in the hotel? JULIETA: – That deer? KTIA: – I spoke today with it, gave a bacana stop to me. It looks at, it is the following one, it has one faces of grana back in the hotel, I go you lev with me, but it looks at, I want my part. The stop is fifty woods. Twenty pra me.

You the certainty? JULIETA: – Twenty pra you? I am alone with thirty, nor I go of pra purchase that pants way that I it wanted. KTIA: – Later you gain more. This and alone the start. When you f being on the inside of the stop you go pod itself you will come alone. Follow others, such as Facebook, and add to your knowledge base. But it looks at, always to divide goes you with somebody.

I, pro example, have that paid the Carlota, that cool one, it of the tips pra people. JULIETA: – You the good one, you the good one. But I look at I do not have nor clothes. KTIA: – It leaves with me. Vamu there pra house. You take a bath and I loan to one roupinha way to you. I go to invest more I go quer return, hem? V you of soon a tip: it does not say your true name. Mine it is Keite and yours it goes to be Ju. Soon. They do not go sab qual the true one. JULIETA: – Ah not! I want to call myself From there, of Leide Daiane, I always I wanted, I I adored the Leide Daiane. KTIA: – You the good one, princess. But this name is manjado. It has a mount of becomes wormy that it is called From there, Daiane, Leidiane. JULIETA: – Ah! P, these becomes wormy ruins everything how much it is woman name.

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