Yesterday I was with Miguel Bardales, the pastor of Meche Cabanillas, counselor spiritual of Alan Garcia and organizer of the first great Evangelical ceremony which has attended a Peruvian President. He preached in the Christian community of London, considered to be the largest Latin American Church in Europe. He showed his admiration for his pastor Edmundo Rabelo, who moves every weekend thousands of parishioners. In the cradle of the English language this Bailando gives a sense of identity and a network of social assistance to so many uprooted andinos. If the Bolsheviks had Communist cells in all the districts of Moscow, the Evangelical this preacher possess cells in each of thirty-three districts of the metropolis.

Not only Rabelo makes religious but social and sports services. He leads the best organized Hispanic festival in England. Along with Minka, the London journal, has managed to bring politicians to meet for the first time with Latino assemblies. Yesterday, for example, both organized one between the President of the London Assembly (Darren Johnson) and Andean mil. Thanks to this work is intended to bring to the Mayor of London and the British Government to come to meetings with South American immigrants.

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