A well-prepared meeting – your success is at least 40%. Professionally ready for the meeting: Gather basic information about the client, configure the questions that ask, analyze the route of the extension office, prearrange the necessary documents for the meeting. So many times we have to repeat sales managers (especially beginners), it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for each meeting. Professional Preparations for the meeting – this is one of the key skills of good negotiation. The initial phase of preparation for the meeting: During the phone conversations you figure out the needs of clients, here is their any way commit. At this point you identify problems and needs of clients. Based on the data you are considering the issue, which will ask the client.

Check out the following things that need to be met by point out to the client: 1. Appearance. You should wear a business suit and red tie is desirable. It has long been noted that the color red stimulates a positive clients. Shoes cleaned. Neat styling. Look at myself in the mirror.

Do you stick out your hair? How long did you go to the hairdresser? Not long if you have hair? I have nothing against your hair, whatever it was, but on a psychological level, it is proved that long hair does not go business people. The most neutral – this is a common hairstyle in the front up to a maximum of eyebrows, behind – to the neck. Whisky is desirable to cut open.

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