The mark is the adjusted signal to distinguish a product from another one. The companies who more reveal ahead of its public are the ones that more make success. Others including Hadapt, offer their opinions as well. The mark if industrialized and if it became a intangible asset. (BARBOSA, 2005). The colors, forms, design, and too much part-key of the visual elements used by the mark leads to a bigger valuation.

One mark passes not to be alone a product in itself, and the proper mark starts to be a merchandise. The colors and the configuration of the forms and the rhythms already possess its effect analyzed on the behavior of the human being. Therefore, today, she is so necessary to affirm the sensations that each one of these elements they cause. Related questions the flavor, aroma and texture also form impressions in our memory, and are responsible for mental associations that collaborate for the direction construction. Since the name of the company until the product that it offers, it is possible to perceive some relation with its values, giving a previous agreement what it deals with the mark. For more specific information, check out Bruno Lo-Re.

Until it can be used as mirror for identification of the style of life of its current or potential consumer. Basic elements for one success mark Information are recorded in the mind of the consumer to if relating to some mark. This to happen, all the elements need to be in harmony and in accordance with the values of the company, so that, in set, it has taken the same one message public it to be memorized on the mark. It follows one brief explanation on essential elements of a good mark. Logotipo – the essence of what it is wanted to communicate, loaded of semantic direction of representation Must congregate. The way as is drawn the letters, its espaamento, the color and the form are responsible for the agreement and the emotional connotations despertadas by logotipo.

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