As far as it has not come. The reserve for your retirement, most contracts provide a way that in the event of occupational disability of the provider of contract, usually an insurance company, the premium until the agreed expiry paid further. As a result the planned capital exists for retirement then despite disability. Far too many have disregarded this possibility but and does not set the necessary cross at the appropriate place in the application. But later in the contract to integrate this module, to reject almost all societies. The offer that they assume the risk, companies can of course pay, a small amount for this option is taken from the bonus.

Still, everyone should take this possibility when filing claim, because only thus can look forward you despite a disability relaxed their retirement. This is clearly more appropriate than for example the nonsense of a doubling of the death total at accidental death, which is also included in many contracts for retirement provision. There are also companies which do not offer the contribution exemption for occupational disability generally. But also, there is a solution. Already some insurers offer this range separately.

This means that you have completed your savings with the company X and now agree with Company Y, that paid on your premium for the contract with company X, if you are berufsunfahig. You can arrange this of course also for existing contracts, costs approximate those who raise the insurer otherwise also. Thus, you can retroactively in the event of a disability maintain your retirement and protect. The dynamics of your Turbo for the retirement income yet It is interesting for you, if you make the maximum dynamic range for your policy in the application. Also the dynamics of the entire agreed period with applied, you have a good starting point for a proper retirement. However, not all companies do not accept this, some cover only the contribution of the last paid, future periodic adjustments are no longer implemented… Upon completion of the contract, you should make so well to this point and adapt his choice of society. A dynamics of 5% of the monthly fee of 100 after 20 years will increase to 253. Accordingly also naturally increases the capital at the end. Some companies offer even 10% Dynamics; This month’s contribution increases even on over 600 after 20 years. The payout achieved is of course even more richly. Because you can not every year have to assume a dynamic, but also expose, and completely opt out at any time for the future, always specify personally the current level of contributions. Therefore, you should choose the highest rate of increase also in principle. Another advantage of separate post liberation lies in the simple application. In General, just a quick question will be health, so that health limited customers a chance to get this shield for the maintenance of the standard of living for himself and the family. Many a provider accepts the contributions not only for life and pension insurance, but even for Bank – / Bauherrenmodelle and savings – no matter with which provider they are. It would be worthwhile to re-examine the existing retirement plans on their security in the event of occupational disability.

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