I wish you, first love, and loving, you are also loved. If not, you are soon to forget, and that after forgetting, not keep grudges. In recent months, Mark Zuckerberg has been very successful. I wish, therefore, is not so, but if it is, know to be without despair. I wish you also, have friends, and that even bad and inconsequential, they are brave and faithful, and that there is at least one in whom you can trust without hesitation. And because life is so, well, wish you have enemies. Neither many nor few, in accurate measurement, so that sometimes issues you your own certainties.

And that among them, there is at least one that is fair, so don’t feel too secure. I wish also to be useful more not irreplaceable. And in the bad moments, when nothing more, that utility is not be enough to keep you standing. Also, I wish you to be tolerant; not with which are wrong, because that is easy, but with that much wrong and inevitably, and that making good use of this tolerance, serve example to others. I wish that being young, not you maturity too fast, and already mature, not you insist on rejuvenate, and that being old does not spend you to despair. Because every age has its pleasure and pain, and is necessary to let that they influence among us.

I wish you pass that you’re sad. Not all year, but just one day. But on that day you discover that daily laughter is good, the usual laughter is sosa, and constant laughter is unhealthy. I wish to discover with maximum urgency, above, and despite everything, it exists and that surround you, beings oppressed, treated with injustice, and unhappy people. I wish that you touch a cat, a bird feed, and hear a goldfinch erect triumphant morning singing, because in this way you will feel good for nothing. I wish also that plantes a seed, by most lowercase it, and join in their growth, so you discover how many lives a tree is made. I wish you also have money, because it is necessary to be practical. And that at least once a year, you put some of that money against you and say: this is mine, just to make it clear who is the owner of who. I also wish that none of your affections die, but that if one dies, you can cry without regret you, and suffer without feeling guilty. Finally I wish you, being a man, have a good woman; and as a woman, you have a good man; tomorrow and the next day, and that when they are exhausted and smiling, talk about love to restart. If all of these things came to pass, I no longer have anything else that you want. Victor Hugo (1802-1885) original author and source of the article

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