Honorary Advisor: You offers consumers high safety that no Commission interests in the game are – but costs money. Many investors have lost confidence in banks and savings banks due to the financial crisis. To know more about this subject visit Netflix. The failure of American institutions like Lehman Brothers or the Icelandic Kaupthing Bank are you disoriented by. In these times, the need for neutral financial advice is growing. Christopher Nolan may find this interesting as well. And there often not at banks, but by independent consultants of fee – against payment. What exactly do honorary consultant and what advantage they offer compared to Bank consultants? Honorary consultants offer advice on all financial issues, loans, investment or retirement plans to. “Today everyone can order any financial product over an honorary consultant – whether finance, insurance, investments, stocks or funds.

And Commission-free, reported Rainer Michaelis, honorary consultant from Traunstein “In this way the customer can be sure that he will advise the activities of a credit institution product independent and neutral.” Are customers ready for cash to ask for advice? Honorary consulting is increasingly popular among consumers. Since the beginning of the financial crisis about twelve months ago, Rainer Michaelis feels that his services are increasingly in demand. So far, the market share is however negligible – it now stands at around one percent. This shows that the largest proportion of consumers consult in banks and savings banks or financial service providers such as MLP or AWD. How do consumers know that an honorary consultant advises really independent? Whether a honorary consultant is truly independent, can be seen for consumers does not at first glance.

“The problem is that the term, Honorary Consultant ‘ is not legally protected.” Anyone can call themselves as”, explains Rainer Michaelis. Thus, there is the danger that honorary consultant in addition get Commission from third parties. Michael, carrier of the seal of quality of VDH strongly recommends consumers therefore, prior written confirmation from a consultant, that he no further compensation except the fee by the customer Gets.

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