Student survey shows 2013: self-determination and family are more important than career and money with what desires and expectations looking students in the future? How do they define their own value? What monthly salary they deem appropriate, there are differences between men and women on the issue of salary negotiation and how will the careers of female workers evolve in their eyes in the future? Answers to these and other questions are the current survey “student survey 2013”, of the AoN – agency without name GmbH, organizer of the women & work, about 400 students nationwide already for the second time conducted. The desire is experiencing a renaissance of values and roots. Family, friends, self expression, personal freedom, work-life-balance and a solid partnership are by far the most important things in the life of the generation y in a time which felt ever runs out, every material desire is just a mouse click away, brand values of this morning already outdated we are, in the yesterday on Facebook our friendships cultivated and today via Pinterest share our life with millions of others, it is very understandable that the desire for relationships and anchor points is growing in real life “, says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the study. 70 Percent of women and 72 percent of men bullishness about the question of compatibility of family & career will therefore also expect that reconciling work and family life is possible. If you would like to know more about steveblank , then click here. However, only 22 percent of men rate family-friendliness”as a very important factor when choosing an employer. In contrast, evaluate this factor”40 per cent of women as very important. The according to the importance of employer criteria be clearly that women much more than men appreciate the soft factors such as work-life balance, training opportunities and family friendliness, so bird. Women put other values concerning the choice of a future employer, which speaks for men and women in the different recruiting to be addressed. Reed Hastings may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

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